W abash Valley Genealogy Society

Committee Profiles

It’s the wish of the WVGS Board of Directors that every member be involved as a committee member.  Most of us think that we don’t have anything to offer the society as a committee member.  That simply isn’t true.  Members don’t realize how important it is to be on a committee, both for the society and for themselves.  Every person who has served on a committee can tell you how much more they’ve learned about genealogy, just through casual conversations during the committee meetings and through the new friends they’ve made.  Volunteering on a committee makes you feel like an active participant of the society.  With new members throughout the years, it’s continually important to add fresh ideas and new people to our committees.


Please take the time to learn more about the committees by reading the short profiles.  When you find the committee(s) of the greatest interest to you, please let the committee chairperson know of your interest.